Mountain Biking Mobility

Mobility is the ability to achieve your optimal full range of motion, which translates into improved recovery, injury reduction and increased performance through stronger, healthier muscles.

Exercise Stimulus
Bottom Squat Thoracic Rotation Hips, thorax, shoulder and arm stretch
Bottom Squat Hip Stretch
Banded Hip Opener
Hip and upper back tension
Glute Bridge Hip stretch opener
Cossack Squat Adductors stretch
Squat to Stand Stretch Knees and back of thigh stretch
Knight to Hamstring Stretch Hip and hamstring stretch
Couch Stretch Quad Tension Stretch
Adductor Foam Roll Inside thigh massage
Quad Foam Roll Quad massage
Calf Foam Roll Calf massage
Standing Calf Stretch Calf Tension and Activation
Calf Stretch on Wall Calf Tension and Activation
Hamstring Rack Stretch Hamstring Tension
Hamstring Foam Roll Hamstring Massage

Standing Quad Stretch to Hamstring toe touch (Single Leg)

Quad and hamstring stretch
Lateral Lunges Quad, glute and hamstring activation
Seated Band Ankle/Calf Stretch Ankle and calf activation
Forearms Stretch Forearm Tension and Activation
Spiderman with Reach Hip and Quad Activation with Thorax
Barbell Grip/Forearm Smash Inside forearm massage
Samson Stretch
Arm and lower shoulder torso stretch down to pelvis, Hip and rear leg stretch
Wall Squat Middleback tension
Lower Back Foam Roll Lower Back Massage
Cobra Stretch Ab and Lower Back stretch and tension
Childs Pose Back, lat, arm stretch
T-Spine Opener Upper back and pectoral stretch
Thoracic Foam Roll Upper Back Thorax Activation
Banded Lat Stretch Lat tension stretch
Banded Shoulder Strap Front shoulder stretch
Scapula Pull-up Shoulder, arm and Lat engagement
Lat Foam Roll Lat massage
Anterior Deltoid Smash Shoulder and arm massage
Back Foam Roll in Overhead Position Middle Back tension with shoulder engagment
Banded Overhead Fixer Shoulder and Lat tension
Banded Pull Apart Shoulder tension
Posterior Deltoid Smash Shoulder massage
Downward Dog Shoulder, scapula, T-spine activation
Thoracic Spine Peanut (double lax ball) Extension Middle and upper back tension
Rotator Cuff Smash Shoulder rotator massage
Banded Shoulder Distraction Shoulder and lat tension