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Onewheel WOD "Getting that Switchfoot"

"Getting that Switchfoot"

Part 1:

.1 of a mile going reverse in your regular stance

.1 going forward in your regular stance

Add .1 of a mile for every reverse movement until you achieve .5 of a mile, keeping the forward movement at .1 for each round.

Try simple turning in the reverse movement to get familiar with it.

Part 2:

100 ft. going forward in your Switchfoot stance

Add 50ft. every round till you reach 500ft. in total.

Keep practicing this routine a few days per week and you will achieve a better feel and comfort riding switch foot on your Onewheel which can translate into a transition in your surfing or snowboarding or both.


The stimulus for this WOD is to get your motor skills and muscle memory comfortable in a stance that you are not use to.  Practicing this daily or a few times per week will re-program your mind muscle memory connection and slowly make it a normal movement to your body.