Incorporating all 3 Energy Systems (Phosphagen, Glycolytic and Oxidative) in your training on a weekly basis is consequential in developing a well-conditioned engine. Whole-body conditioning increases endurance and muscle strength. RSS

crossfit, front squats, pull-ups, Row, training, wod -

"Gut Punch"

5 Rounds for Time

20 Calorie Row

15 Pull-ups

10 Front Squats 135lb. Men/ 95lb. Women

Incorporated Energy Systems in WOD:  Oxidative, Glycolytic, Phosphagen

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amrap, box jumps, crossfit, push press, Row, training, wod, workouts -

"Press Your Luck"

15 Minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible)

250 Meter Row

10 Push Press 135lb. Men/ 95lb. Women

21 Box Jumps 24" Men/ 20" Women

Incorporated Energy Systems in WOD:  Oxidative, Phosphagen, Glycolytic

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Active recovery, active rest, active rest day -

Get outside and do the sports you love to do. This is the main reason why you push your body in your workout routine, establishing a higher level of performance of what you are passionate about.

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assault bike, chest to bar, Core, jack knifes, russian kettlebell twists, toes to bar, training, wod, workouts -


5 Rounds x 3 Minutes each round 

21 Chest to Bars

Max Calorie Assault Bike

Rest 3 Minutes

Incorporated Energy Systems in WOD:  Glycolytic, Oxidative

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crossfit, push press, ring muscle-ups, rope climbs, snatches, training, wod, workouts -


3 Rounds

7 Snatches 135lb. Men/ 95lb. Women

4 Rope Climbs (15ft. Height)

7 Ring Muscle-Ups

Incorporated Energy Systems in WOD:  Phosphagen, Glycolytic

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