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Tuesday 2.18.20

Warm-up Prep (10-15 Minutes)

4 Rounds

12 OH KB Lunges

20 Abmat Sit-ups

1 Minute Banded Shoulder Stretch each side

12 1 Legged KB Russian Deadlift

15' Minibanded Ice Skaters and Lateral Walk

10 Glute Bridges


Strength - Strict Press


Building to a heavy 2 Rep Max


WOD (Workout of the Day) 


5 Rounds

10 Kettlebell Alternating Clean and Jerks 53/35 (5 each side from the ground)

20 Kettlebell Swings 53/35 (Russian)

4 Kettlebell Turkish Get Ups 53/35


Incorporated Energy Systems in WOD:  Phosphagen


  • Our goal for this workout is 10-12 minutes with a 15 minute cap
  • This WOD is fast paced, the TGU's will be the slowest part, keep movement consistent in each exercise and your "REST" will be the TGU's since they are slower paced than the other two movements
  • Score is time to completion of 5 rounds

*Scale accordingly if any exercise cannot be performed RX

Scaled Options - Lowered Weights 

Post WOD Cool Down:

:30 Bar Hang

3 Minute Plank - Front, Left Side, Right Side

1 Minute Childs Pose

2x10 Barbell Strict Presses