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Monday 8.3.20

Warm-up Prep (10-15 Minutes)

 3 Rounds

:30 Couch Stretch each leg

5 Strict Pull-ups

10 Scap Pull-ups

:30 Calf rig stretch each leg

6 Spiderman Stretches


Strength/Skill - Deadlift

EMOM 1:30x6

10 Reps at 65% of 1 RM


WOD (Workout of the Day) 

"Brain Freeze"


15 Pull-Ups

15 Pistols

15 Burpee Box Jump Overs 

Incorporated Energy Systems in WOD:  Glycolytic


  • Our goal for this workout is to target 6-12 Rounds
  • This is a leg workout with pull-ups to mix it up and give your legs a rest.  Keep an even pace on all and make sure to go steady on the bbj's so your legs can get you through the pistols.
  • Score is rounds plus reps

*Scale accordingly if any exercise cannot be performed RX