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Monday 1.20.20

Warm-up Prep (10-15 Minutes)

4 Rounds

50 Single Unders

10 Hollow Rocks

10 Push ups


Pre- WOD Mobility

1 Minute Hamstring Roll each side

1 Minute Quad Roll each side

1 Minute Biceps Barbell Smash each side

1 Minute Wide Hip Opener each side


Post WOD Mobility

1 Minute Quad Roll each side

1 Minute Glute Roll each side

1 Minute Biceps Smash each side - use lacrosse ball

1 Minute Hamstring Roll each side


Strength -Front Squat

EMOM 3 (Every 3 Minutes)

3 Sets of 10 Reps Unbroken

Weight should be challenging around 60-65% of your 1 Rep Max


WOD (Workout of the Day) 

"Gut Punch"

5 Rounds for Time

20 Calorie Row

15 Pull-ups

10 Front Squats 135lb. Men/ 95lb. Women

Incorporated Energy Systems in WOD:  Oxidative, Glycolytic, Phosphagen


  • Pick a weight you can do unbroken
  • Effort on the row should be 80-90% of max effort
  • The pull ups will be your rest exercise, aim for 2-3 sets for completion
  • Go unbroken or as close as you can on the Front Squats
  • Keep moving, time your rests and stick to that timeframe
  • This workout should be completed in the range of 12-15 Minutes
  • Score is Time when 5 rounds have been completed

*Scale accordingly if any exercise cannot be performed RX

Scaled Options -Run or Bike, Jumping Pull-ups or banded Pull-ups, Lowered Weight

Post WOD Cool Down

5-8 Minute Assault Bike at medium pace