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Let’s face it, energy/protein bars aren’t cheap and they are the perfect travel companion on a trip to fuel up when nothing is around. Most recipes on the internet are full of garbage, difficult to make or the end result tastes like shit.

Well, we have a treat for you, we have found a tasty, easy to make energy/protein bar recipe that we have tweaked a bit. This is actually from a recipe from Men’s Journal on how to make Pot-Infused energy bars, go figure that it actually tastes really really good.

The whole process takes maybe a half hour and the end result is a super tasty and cheap energy bar that you will never run out of and can make for a quarter of the price of store bought bars. As a side note, the great thing about making your own energy bars is that you can add extra ingredients to increase the nutrition of your homemade bars.

What you need (Only use organic ingredients):

  • At least 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • ¼ cup butter (or coconut butter)
  • 2 cups of unsalted cashews or any kind of nut
  • 1 cup of Medjool or Pitted dates (make sure to de-pit)
  • Himalayan salt
  • 2/3 cup of unsweetened shredded coconut
  • Brownie pan
  • Parchment paper
  • Food processor
  • Optional: Cacao to add antioxidant benefits and some chocolate taste


Step 1

In a food processor, mix the coconut, the cashews, 1 cup of dates, a healthy amount of cinnamon, and a tiny amount of sea salt. Pulse until the mixture is crumb-like.

Step 2

Add ¼ cup of unsalted butter and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Pulse until the mixture starts to clump. If it looks too dry, go ahead and add a little more butter. (Or more coconut oil.)

Step 3

In a brownie pan (8 by 8 inches should do the trick), dab some oil and lay down a sheet of parchment paper. Make sure the paper sticks to the sides. Then pour out your mixture into the pan, smooth it out, and stick the whole thing in the freezer for 15-20 minutes.

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