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Let's face it, being sore, injured and fatigued is no fun.  What if there was a way to improve recovery, reduce injury and increase performance by doing a simple, easy routine each day?

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It really doesn't take much to start your home gym with a few pieces of equipment and build up from there.  We started our home gym when we were RVing full time from 2017-2019 with a few kettlebells, mats, weight vest, jump ropes and some mini bands.  This got the job done and made us more creative in our WOD programming with limited equipment.  A year later we added an olympic weight lifting set and pull up bar.

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Nowadays you can find any type of energy bar you want out there on the market, from bars made with nuts and dates to beef jerky based ones and everything in between.  But what constitutes a good bar that covers all the bases from pre-workout energy to post WOD recovery?  What are the ingredients that you want in your bar and what do you not want?  

Sometimes the best path is to just do the research yourself and make your own, it's cost effective and you get exactly what you want and nothing you don't.  You know you're body the best, so it seems like the most logical route.

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If you're like me, you are always looking for a faster way to recover after your grueling workouts or outdoor sports sessions.  You go hard, have an awesome time and want to be able to do it again the next day, but without the muscle ache and fatigue.

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Let’s face it, energy/protein bars aren’t cheap and they are the perfect travel companion on a trip to fuel up when nothing is around. Most recipes on the internet are full of garbage, difficult to make or the end result tastes like shit.

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